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Limited Editions

A simple smell can remind us of a childhood memory long forgotten. Remind us of people close to our hearts or journeys we have been on.

These fragrances and vessels will not be available for long and in limited quantities so grab them while you can!

Hand-Marbled Stone Concrete Candles

  Fresh, clean, simple and natural.   Our stone concrete candles are hand-blended with the finest oils & perfumes with up to 150hrs burn time. Highly scented with prestige coconut & rapeseed wax, perfumes and oils.   Presented in a luxury hand-crafted stone concrete vessel with 2 wicks. Each vessel is handmade in the UK and hand marbled in small batches. Each candle has it's own unique markings making no 2 identically the same.   Included are fragrance tag and silver charm, 100% cotton pouch & essential candle care guide. 10cm D x 9cm H. Wax weight 400g. Shop The Collection

Moon Bay


I believe the ocean once belonged to the Moon, and that it fell, falling into the earth. That is why the Moon is consistently pulling onto it, ceaselessly trying to touch it with it's magic once more.

Top Notes: Amber, Sandalwood,

Middle Notes: Violet, Muguet, Cedar

Base Notes: Musk, Vanilla, Powder

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Watermelon Sugar Sands


I want more berries, and that summer feelin', it's so wonderful and warm. Tastes like strawberries, on a summer evening, and it sounds just like a song

Enjoy a little reminder of long hot summer days with this refreshing mix of watermelon, lemon and melon blended with coconut and nestled on a sweet sugary base.

Top Notes: Lemon, Orange, Melon

Middle Notes: Coconut

Base Notes: Sugar Candy

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